1315 SW 1 Court
Pompano Beach, FL 33069




1315 SW 1st Court

Pompano Beach FL 33069

Corner of Atlantic and Andrews

1 Block west of 95





Welcome to NATIONAL ARMORY!   

Firearms, Accessories, and Law Enforcement Equipment!

 We are attempting to show you as many of the products we carry as possible! Always remember, we have many other products that may not appear on our website! We are adding them as quickly as possible. We serve both Law Enforcement and Civilian customers! We sell direct to retail customers, departments, and agencies as well as the individual officer looking for the best product. We also sell direct to any civilian looking for any related product. A few of our products are for Law Enforcement only; however, civilians can purchase many items that are considered to be Law Enforcement only! If a civilian cannot purchase an item, we will tell you in the description or comments!

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National Armory One of South East Florida largest gun stores and gun shooting ranges selling fulll line of tactical gear..Glock, AR15, Ak47, Colt Smith and Wesson, CZ, Ruger etc.WE OFFER A FULLL LINE Serving Fort Lauderdale, Broward count and all of South East Florida
NEW Classes & Products
NATIONAL ARMORY. will sell the latest and most popular name-brand guns, apparel, and accessories.
The products are from the top manufacturers in the world, such as
Point Blank, 5.11, SureFire, Blackhawk, Michaels of Oregon, Bianchi, Safariland, Thorogood, Tru-Spec, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Bushmaster, etc
The general list of products initially to be offered includes the following:
Police Equipment
Guns, sites, stocks, holsters, ammo, uniforms, boots, off duty clothing, badges, insignias, emblems, decals, Equipment,
Equipment Bags, Hats, Training Aides, Sunglasses, Shoes Protective Screens, Maintenance Equipment, 511 Tactical
Training Aids & Videos, First Aid, and Protective Aids. Uniforms & Apparel Uniforms for Men, Women,Uniform, Jerseys, Uniform Pants, Uniform Hats, Socks, and Belts.?Custom
screen printing and embroidery of clothing.
Under Amour Gear – Heat, Cold, All Season, Turf, Loose, Performance, and Street.?Manufacturer T-shirts and caps,
Embroidery of Shirts Jackets and Hats
Specialty lighting Portable emergency lighting and led equipment for law enforcement, fire, and civilian use. Knives, Badges, etc. Carry permit classes and gun safety classes with the Laser shot system Gun Range opening soon


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